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Information for Women

The starting salary for officers at the Sweet Home Police Department is $42,672. It is above the 2008 US Census Bureau's National Median Earnings for Women.

We do not have any pre-requisites for skills, training, or prior law enforcement experience in order to be considered for a Police Officer position, as compared with most other occupations.

Most other occupations require you to have a combination of pre-requisites before determining your pay scale, whereas the Sweet Home Police Department has consistently used one standard regardless of gender.

According to the "Women's Institute for a Secure Retirement", less than one in three women have a traditional pension or a 401(k)-style retirement savings accound. Whereas, every San Antonio police officer, regardless of gender, is automatically enrolled into the pension fund.

Even though the number of Americans without health insurance is rising, equally affecting both the wealthy and the working poor, the City of Sweet Home provides you and your immediate family with health, dental and optical coverage.

Women today have a choice! The social and cultural barriers that have influenced women in the past from becoming police officers no longer hold true today.

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Sweet Home City Hall, 1140 12th Avenue, Sweet Home, OR 97386, Ph: (541) 367-5128, Fax (541) 367-5113