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Comprehensive Plan

The intent of the comprehensive plan is to present a clear vision for Sweet Home's future over a twenty year period.  The Sweet Home Comprehensive Plan is actually comprised of a series of documents or elements that as a whole provide a consistent policy direction relating to growth and development, housing, parks, open space, environmentally sensitive areas, historic preservation, public services and other issues.  These policies establish the foundation for the development and updates to Sweet Home's Capital Facilities Plan, Transportation Plan and implementation ordinances. 

Click here to view the 2010 Comprehensive Plan.

Click here to view the Comprehensive Plan Map. 

Community Strategic Plan

2014 Community Vision - "Sweet Home is a community where we live in harmony with the surrounding environment supporting a clean, safe, and economically viable small town lifestyle for the benefit of present and future generations."

Click here to view the 2014 Strategic Plan.

Sweet Home Livability Assessment

This Livability Assessment and Recommendations Report is the result of an evaluation of natural, cultural, physical (infrastructure), commercial, and economic health of the gateway community and surrounding landscape and their relationship to the six principles of livability adapted for gateway communities:

1. Provide more transportation choices for residents, workers, and visitors.

2. Promote equitable, affordable housing and lodging choices that meet the needs of residents, workers, and visitors.

3. Enhance economic competitiveness by valuing the public lands and natural, cultural, recreational, and environmental assets associated with the gateway community.

4. Support existing gateway communities and sustain their unique character.

5. Coordinate policies and leverage investments within the community and between the gateway community and public lands.

6. Value communities, neighborhoods and landscapes, and the area’s natural, cultural heritage, and recreational assets that foster social, economic, and public health.

Click here to view the 2014 Livability Assessment

Park System Master Plan

The Sweet Home Parks Master Plan identifies strategies and actions for operation and development of parks, as well as funding. Through this plan, the City of Sweet Home intends to continue improving the quality of its parks to meet the needs of current and future residents.

Click here to view the 2014 Park System Master Plan

Sweet Home Downtown Retail Market Analysis

The purpose of this analysis is to:

• Provide a comprehensive assessment of potential market support for retail uses in the downtown Sweet Home commercial district.

• Create an accurate picture of Sweet Home’s retail industry including the characterization of the existing supply of businesses; consumer preferences, needs and buying patterns; and opportunities and challenges for growth and development in the downtown.

• Provide the City with a factual base for developing strategies to strengthen and diversify the downtown retail base and capture more consumer dollars in downtown Sweet Home.

• Recommend business development and marketing strategies to strengthen the downtown retail base.

Click here to view the 2010 Downtown Retail Market Analysis.

2003 Oregon Downtown Development Association Report
This report is a summary of information collected and synthesized by the Oregon Downtown Development Association Resource Team while working in Sweet Home March 18-20, 2003.  Recommendations in this report a broken into sections based on Public Space Design, Parking, Rehab and Redevelopment, Commercial Energy Efficiency, Downtown Business Mix and Clustering, and Next Steps. 

Click here to view the 2003 Oregon Downtown Development Association Report

Local Wetland Inventory
In 2000, the City of Sweet Home, through a Wetland Planning Grant from the Oregon Division of State Lands (DSL), hired Pacific Habitat Services, Inc. to conduct a Local Wetlands Inventory and Riparian Inventory for a 3,520-acre study area located within the City's Urban Growth Boundary.  

Click here to view the 2000 Local Wetland Inventory

Appendix A - Wetland Characterization Sheets
Appendix B - Wetland Determination Data Forms
Appendix C - OFWAM Data and Results
Appendix E - Plant List

Street and Park Tree Planting Plan

The goals of the Sweet Home's Street and Park tree planting plan are:
  1. To improve the visual quality of the city by creating a consistent pattern of tree planting along all rights-of-ways within the City through the use of tree planting theme;
  2. To enhance air, water, and land resource qualities within the community and to provide noise buffers;
  3. To provide tree-related educational opportunities for all citizens of Sweet Home;
  4. To fulfill peoples emotional needs for "peace" and "restfulness"; and
  5. To compensate for the heat released from road surfaces, cool the area adjacent to paved surfaces and to sequester carbon released from the use of fossil fuels.

Click here to view the 1993 Street and Park Tree Planting Plan.

1994 Sweet Home Downtown Redevelopment Assessment Report

The goals of the downtown redevelopment assessment are:

1. To inform and educate communities which have identified downtown redevelopment in their strategic plan about the elements of a downtown program, and the role of the downtown in an overall economic development program, and to show examples of how other communities have successfully revitalized their downtown;

2. To assess the community's current capacity to implement a long term downtown redevelopment strategy;

3. Identify issues and future opportunities for downtown redevelopment;

4. To determine for each community the steps required to implement a long term downtown redevelopment program, or to identify and prioritize a series of downtown projects.

Click here to view the 1994 Downtown Redevelopment Assessment Report.

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